Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nightmares and lights

Last night I almost got smoked riding home. I was zipping down a long hill in the rain and it was dark, and I have yet to secure my commuting lights to the bike. anyhow this little sedan turns left directly in front of me.
I immediately lock up both brakes and quickly surmise that unless drastic actions are taken forthwith, my demise may be immanent. So rather than broadside this car, I try to outrun it into the turn. I knew that I was carrying too much speed to actually make the turn so I tried to straighten the angle a little and ended up having to bunny hop a rather imposing curb and ride it out through some bodies front yard.

I was really gonna yell at the woman and then I realized that I did not have any lights on, so I was really the one who was at fault. I just kind of waved at her sheepishly and rode home very defensively.
Then I had a horrible nightmare about how marko and jesse lalonde and 2 other pale white BKB flunkies were chasing me down a hill on a bike yelling about how the BKB is for haters. It was really weird. I am pretty sure that it was the turkey sausage I put in my marinara sause that caused this abomination of REM. uuuughgg..shiver...shiver.
On the upside things are looking bright for The Most Horrible Thing Ever

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Josh said...

Sweet paint pic...that has to be the most random nightmare I have heard in quite some time -- might be time to step away from the blogosphere.

Lets get Bad Goat Racing up and going for the Most Horrible Thing Ever.