Friday, December 5, 2008

I thought that this was great

These ol boys are actually speaking english.....or some form of it.

We finally got Brutus and he is adjusting to hobo life accordingly. He terrorizes vermin and takes a mighty steaming dump twice a day just to assert his dominance over the other males. It been good for me especially cuz it makes me have to get out of bed to take him on long runs in the morning. We have had a little trouble equalizing our paces. He kinda has 3 speeds, trot, canter, and chase squirrels (warp Speed). That mean I am gonna have to get faster....
Holiday Symposium Tonite with all the other AGSA members so it will be a gathering of dangerously overeducated farm kids. Should be amusing

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YPJ said...

I dont get it. What the heck are they doing in that video to make the fish jump like that?