Monday, January 19, 2009

Amoeba....they're just little fella's

Whoa! This little thing is tiny. and bright. I am gonna grind some gravel road tonite with Tanner, who just got a new SECA so we will see how they compare

The reason that I went with Jay Buthmans product was that he uses non-proprietary batteries so a extra 3 hour Lithium ion battery only costs 40 bucks. Plus Jay made be a cool little back up power adapter so that if I ran out of juice I could use a 9 volt battery to get me back to the car. I will take the rest of the pics tonite and also get some beam shots.
I got a 520 lumen light with 9 hours of battery power, the quick charger, handy dandy power adapter for 9volt, and the mounting stuff for $310. Its pretty sick.

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