Thursday, January 22, 2009

SECA VS Amoeba

Well my beams shots really sucked, or perhaps its just my camera that sucks. Regardless I got no beam shots. However tanner and I did play around and compare the pros and cons of the SECA and the Amoeba.
SECA Pro's
700 lumens
multiple settings to prolong battery life. he only high beamed it twice on the ride
Has a strong spot beam and lots of good light spill
Has excellent heat sinks to keep the light cool.
Sometimes it took a while to cycle through the light sequences.
Was not very well thought out as a helmet light
Is kinda bulky.
is over 500 bucks
Tanner keeps his mounted on his handle bars.
I Kept mine mounted on my helmet.
Amoeba Pro's
520 lumens
Bright my Ameoba has primarily a spot pattern that seemed to throw light just as far as the SECA, and still has good light spill to the perimeter.
Relatively inexpensive
It has two modes: On and Off
The fact that it is helmet mounted gives my attention deficit disorder free reign at night.
It is probably not a good choice for a handlebar mount unless you went with a flood beam.
The reflective optics of the SECA are more user friendly and cast a better "shade of light"
We did kind of wonder about how the amoeba would dissipate heat without a great big heat sink, but as of yet I have not had the light head really heat up.
Bottom line:
If you want to see things a long way off, without any frills or excess weight, and be able to operate for extended periods of time the amoeba is the bomb. If you want one light that does everything well and has excellent "light quality" the SECA is what you need.

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