Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wingnut Enduro

Brad introduced me to Wingnut several years ago as he had one of their smaller packs and I really liked how they sat real low on your back like a lumbar bag but less dumb looking.In the above pic you can see how the pack sits low in the silhouette.

The harness kind of drapes the pack low on your back and takes a lot of pressure off your hands and upper body.

The bag comes with a Hammer gel flaskthat is supposed to go in this pocket, but it is better serves as a pouch for my monstrous cellular device

What I threw into the bag to see how it carried itself. Typical of what I would carry on a remote all day MTB ride out west.
I really do like the thing pockets that are integrated into the hip belt. They are easier to access than jersey pockets and you can fit bulky objects into them. The insides of the pockets are also a bright orange color so you know that they are not fully closed if you see the bright colors

Note the handy access. Disclaimer: I only carry when I ride by myself in a area that I am not familiar with, where I am concerned with Yogi going for a little more than my pic-a-nic basket. I never carry when group riding.
The one thing that I am kinda wary about is the underarm routing of the hose for the ol hydration pouch. I guess since I am so used to the over arm routing inherent to camelbacks it will take some getting used to. The wingnut easily accepted my 3 liter camelback bladder.
All in all I am really pleased with this peice of equipment, and am looking forward to seeing how it handles some of this years enduro events.

Oh and the gravel glory ride is posted on the event blog
The Gravel Conspiracy
Hope to See You There.


Neve_r_est said...

If your Wingnut is like mine it will have hose routing holes to route the hose over your shoulder or under the arm. Under the arm is more freeze resistant. I love my Wingnut MPS pack. Gear nerds dream.

Why not bear bangers instead of the pistol? My luck I'd manage to take a digger on the pistol and shoot myself.


jdstamp said...

Whats a bear banger? Since glock does not have a true safety I do not chamber a round. Bear spray is not a safe alternative if the wind is not in your favor. If I could find them in a 45 ACP I would have the first two rounds as nonlethal "rat shot"

Neve_r_est said...

Bear bangers are basically explosive flares.

However, after doing a bit of research on them, you're prolly better off with the gun....

Basically you're looking to make a loud noise to scare them off. If you shoot the bear it's just as likely that they're just get pissed and attack you rather than run away. Maybe I'll pack my cap gun...

I wonder how you deter a moose. Somehow I doubt scaring it away works when it's on charge. Maybe I should pack a grenade....


jdstamp said...

I did manage to find rat shot in a .45 Ketchum, ID. Its a sign.......