Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its been a slow week what with getting over the crud and readjusting to a period of no school. I have been on a bread making kick and have been trying my hand at more exotic breads. Came out OK.

I went on a mountainous bicycle ride Saturday to try out the strokers. Had a really good time and was riding my bike back to the shop so the brake job could be finished. the problem was that I could swear that there is a slanted transition from the street to the sidewalk right in front of Big Al's place of employment. Well there is no transition. I plowed into the curb at full speed and was thrown over my handlebars in front of a group of little old ladies. Rest assured there is no suave way to bounce back up after such a debacle. Feeling dumb and doing dumb things has become a favorite pastime for me. I bruised my hands pretty badly so looks like it will mean a few days off of the bike.

This afternoon Brutus, Al, and I went out to Dr. Mengels to cut firewood and so that brutus could chase and roll around amongst things.

I have also been in discussion with a couple players regarding hosting a endurance gravel ride that starts and ends in Manhattan for folks training for spring gravel grinders. It will be FREE.
However, we will accept donations to benefit the K-State Cycling program and off set the cost of the pizza, PBJ, pretzels, a can of coke, and other things that you start to crave in the middle of a long ride. Yes, it will be supported, we plan to have two aid stations since the route may not access any other sources of sustenance. No, it will not be sagged. I am looking at dates and thinking that april 11, 2009 would fit well for those that are plottin and planning for TIV to make sure that their gear is together and worthy for that great Iowegian endeavor. I was also thinking about pushing the date back (May 16?) for those training for the DK 200 which is a a more local event. Cornbread and I both agreed that the 1st weekend in April was out of the question since most of the midwest will be in Arkansas
SOOOO.... if there is a weekend that you really want to get out and grind some gravel....Lemme know. I will create a blog for this event once more details are ironed out.

Oh , this just in Al is rocking the trainer as we speak , and she commented on the sheer weirdness of my playlist in the ipod from the dirty kanza. Apparently Monster Magnet and Southern Culture on the Skids is not her style.

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