Monday, March 16, 2009

Homemade Sealant Revisited

I have decided that Stans sealant is just a better fit after a year of playin with this homebrewed sealant thing. I have used ethylene glycol in my recipe, but the problem is that it wicks so readily through the fibers in the sidewall casing. And this wicking only gets worse as you tires age. In the pic below you can see the sidewall wear patterns that come from running really low pressure ( under 25 psi) for extended periods. So what happens is all of you liquids wicks out of you sidewalls and leaves your chunky bits of Latex mold builder and slime coating the inside of your your tire, but it can't seal puncture because here is no carrier (liquid)to help it flow to the puncture.

I would be curious to see how this type of product worked in a tubeless ready or UST tire, but I will just throw down the money for stans and not see it seap out the sidewalls.

I know some folks use just straight latex and windsheild washer fluid (me thinks that this is MG's recipe). I was not able to get this to seal all of the puncture vine holes from when we prerode at the Palen Speedway last summer and I was using mold builder with glitter (that was an exercise in futility). The only thing worse that having a flat tire is having a flat tire AND being covered in glitter.
I will stick with Stans
On the upside I finally sold my kayak and have the money to throw down on some Arches.
I got pictures and stories from this weekend, but they are locked in my camera, and will be relayed at a later time.


Neve_r_est said...

The one thing I miss about 26" wheels? Reliable tubeless. Wanted:29" UST for 2009.


Josh said...

I had a good time watching you fix a flat this winter at Clinton Lake. Afterward you were covered in glitter...quite the pretty pony.