Monday, March 23, 2009

Why i am a bad person

I am really not a bad person but seeing this makes me feel like it

All the service and places it has taken me. I feel like I am getting ready to take a favorite family pet to get put down.
The Flight has cracked at the Downtube gusset. I am taking it to my favorite Redline Dealer to investigate the nature of the cracks and start the warranty process if need be.
And it just sits there in the dark looking back me............I feel like I am getting ready to kill ol' yeller.
I also sent my infamously ugly Koobi Xenon saddle back to Koobiland for repairs today. I hope is fixable . Nothing worse than a very light, very expensive, paperweight.

Happier times..........

Those were the days.


Brad said...

Put the Glock up to head tube. Place one bullet there. It's instant. It won't suffer at all. But, you might if it deflects and caps you in the shin! So, be careful. You don't want a missed opportunity for a bike ride to turn into a certain opertunity for another helicopter ride!:)

Disclaimer: No Stumps were injured during this peformance.

Joshua Stamper said...

Pretty sure that would void the warranty......