Monday, March 30, 2009

The Skidmark arrives later this week

It is done.
Its bad in a poop brown kind of way
Then it will be a rush to do the worlds fastest bike build and drive to Arkansas for a race that I am woefully unprepared for.
Things have been looking "oh so pro" around our house. New wheels and tires, cracked frames, New kits on order, and protein shakes seasoned with the tears of little kittens.
The "S" stands for Speed


Paul said...

Josh, how did your frame crack?.


Joshua Stamper said...

It appear to have just been a stress fracture. All that gnar being hucked finally caught up with it.
I noticed it when i was out at Wilson Lake the later half of spring break.

Brad said...

Do I sense a skidmark brown KM in the force? Though it may not be the dark side, it does give a smug grin to higher end frames to whom it stomps.

Joshua Stamper said...

No simian martial artists for me, but my warranty replacement is gonna be brown.