Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woot Woot

Been a wild week that has seen me to both sides of the state, temps in the single digits, and temps in the 70's. On Saturday I left Manhappenin at about 6 am and headed to KC, MO.
Joe Bob was moving the original Cycle City shop that was on Prairie Veiw to the new location in Parkville. SO I drove through the snow and crappy weatherwith the intentions of helping Joe Bob move the shop all day, and then camping at Smithville Lake so I could ride for a little while early Sunday Morning. Well north KC got a good bit of the the white stuff so I ended up bailing and driving home Satuday night. But not before We moved all the stock to Joes new location in Parkville commons, which is phenomenal. I am really stoked for Joe and his sister as they are expanding into the running world also with this venture.

Anyhow after that cold snap thawed things started looking up. We had a couch surfer from Austin stay with us last night, and Then I left early this morning for Larned, KS. My early departure is not a indicative of my "go get em" attitude. Rather I knew that the weather was gonna be great, and I wanted to get back with plenty of time to shred the gnar while the sun shined.
The mighty steed was rolling with a new chain and my new 34 tooth chain ring from Tomi McMillar of Tomicog fame. I really liked a 34:18 gearing for rolling around town and the river trails.

Mucho fun-o!
Stopped into the new shop in town to see how things are coming along. They are looking to have a grand opening at the end of the month. Sweet!

Then got home and started thawing some "leeetle shrimps" and Old Bay for some summer goodness that reminds me of my childhood.

What a day!

On to new news I now have all the parts except a frame to create the frankenbike of fixed gear fjear. Let me know if you happen to have a med framed 29er. Looks are not important. But you already knew that about me.........

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