Friday, May 29, 2009

Dirty Kanza 200 weather musings

Its gonna be pretty warm, however the wind was at the forepoint in my mind since the last 60 miles are southerly. Generally in KS winds are out of the south. I believe that Kanza means"people of the south wind". Last year the wind was under 5 mph all day so that was pretty nice.
Well Joel and Jim obviously did not see this coming.

A south wind transitioning to a north wind sounds pretty good to me. I would love to have a breez at my back as I roll towards Emporia Its gonna be tough to stay cameled-up though with temps hitting 90. Gonna need sunscreen!
See you all there!

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Emporia?? I used to pick up beef from Emporia. IBP I think... There's lotsa stuff down there, Dolly Madison (IBC) cakes, I used to love ZINGERS...ha ha