Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first race

Well my first race that I have promoted went really well. There was a attack early on that involved a cow laying in the road. That was all the distraction that Mark Smelser needed. Mark went off the front towards the cow, well the cow freaked out and this held up the rest of the lead group. That was all the break he needed. Mark held off the chase group by himself for the next 70 MILES! That included 20 miles into the wind. That is a racing tactic!
Had lots of fun, got to meet a bunch of new folks, and had a great time.

John "I will kill you and eat your children" Waller waiting for the start.

Mark was feeling feeling good at the first check point

Joe Fox looking large and in charge of some gravel road.

Al surveying her kingdom.
More later, promise


Cornbread said...

Well done Joshua! That was a blast. Loved the route and was great hangin' out afterwards. Thanks again for all your hard work and the support of your wife, friends and sponsors. It was a top notch event.

Brad said...

Glad it went well Bro. Wish I could have been there. Fool's Gold will be here before we know it!