Friday, May 22, 2009

The google index

I get chuckle out of Feedjit cuz it lets me see what people have googled for, and inadvertently ended up on my blog regarding content that I have written about. Most of the time its searching "ghetto tubeless" or Redline Flight for sale", but this one was just to much.
Click to enlarge.

Good to see that surf and ski culture is alive and well in Minnesota.
As an side note my dirtbag reign of terror has been in decline for the last few years, much to the relief of my family. Well, I bought a suit that cost 400 bucks, and I am not talking about a dry suit! I am interveiwing in DC for a USAID Foreign Service Officer position in a couple of weeks, so her Al-ness was like, "better clean up and look respectable". Baah!


Brad said...

Very Cool! Will you live around DC? Do you get to carry a gun? To practice you could stand in front of the mirror and say "Please step away from the water source!" or "Are you feeling potable......punk?"

Face it your just as corny as I am.


good luck on da interview!

LeLan Dains said...

Hey man,
This is LeLan from Emporia. We are doing a race on July 19th ( Hope you can make it, and I would appreciate it if you would help spread the word. Maybe a quick post and add the link? Thanks and happy riding!

Carney said...

A long time ago I wrote something about Fartlek workouts and ever since I get hits from people searching for something like fart lick or licking farts....don't know what they were hoping to find.