Monday, October 5, 2009

Front Range Foray (in two parts)

So we made our trip to FC this weekend to see whats afoot. We were able to sit down with Mike Weber with Northern Colorado Realty and talk about what the housing outlook is for that part of the world. Mike also spent at least an hour talking mtb and local riding info with us. He was a great resource and the person to talk to if you are thinking about buying a home in the FC-Loveland area. I actually found Mike by searching MTBR.......who says its completely worthless?

A touching moment

Some sweet veiws after crossing Pennock Pass on road 44H then proceeded to descend all the way down to Poudre Canyon

Thats a new one for me

Still climbing up to Pennock

We camped in Poudre (pronouced pooh-der) Canyon and went into FC on Saturday night to eat some dinner and look about old town. We ate at the Rustic Oven and I must say it was a spectacular culinary affair. We really did not spend very much time in FC, I was more interested in what was around it. Some Observations:
  • The "Boulder affect" is present especially in the recreational areas near town. lots of regulations (no swimming, no camping, no dogs off leash, no fun....etc)
  • Lots of sign ordinances (signs can only be like 10 feet off the ground, neutral colors, etc) which is great unless you are trying to find the dark.
  • Its a college town. It reminded me of Lawrence, but more pedestrian friendly. Old Town was pretty cool.
  • I have never seen so many bike lanes that are respected by drivers.
  • We really did not stop to see the usual tourist sites (New Belgium.......I hate Fat Tire...come to think of it I do not like any of their beverages)
  • The locals in Masonville (ie the old crusty tatooed biker/trash crowd) were the most friendly people we encountered on the whole trip. They were just really friendly people, and Brutus made a lot of friends when we stopped for lunch at a biker bar/grill (it was more of a bar than a grill).
Then we headed to Frisco......

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Brad said...

You mean you don't even like Mothership Wit?

Any job perspectives in those parts? I could have my arm twisted to visit as often as I could:-)