Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Cred for this portrait of pain goes to the venerable Roger of Lantern Rouge infamy

Shad S was killing it in the Cat 123. Great Job!

What am I doing in the drops? I never ride in the drops

The monster

Trying to scrape that wheel sucking ner' do well off my tail

Fjorm....take that dicky

Paul rode with us and got his first taste of the difference between a 4's and 3/4's race. Coincidentally he also learned what "sandbagging" means

The worst sand section I have ever encountered.
I managed to drop my chain with 2 to go, and had to spend a lot of time chasing Waller back down.

Tall Paul leaning into the corners

Getting Pwned in a sprint to the finish.

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dicky said...

Fjine fjorm indeed.