Friday, October 9, 2009

Western NC

Ok I am writing this forDG, the intrepid Iowegian, who is spending a week in Western NC, but primarily in the NW high country. I intend to list the must ride trails in that area and in the "Asheville Trifecta". If the readers have any suggestions or tidbits of info please post them in the comments section.
  • Kerr Scott lake: Home of the Overmountain Victory trail, Warriors creek trail, and Dark Mountain. I think this is the must ride trail system that is not in the backcountry of NW NC. BMCC has all the trail maps and info. If you want a really good day (35-40 miles) I would recommend 2 laps at WC, and then an out and back on the OVT. Dark Mountain is a great trails system, but I prefer the flow of the the other 2 more.
  • Jefferson National Forest and the grayson high lands: There are not a lot of true mtb trails in this area, but it is unmatched in remote rugged backcountry and challenges (Its like Pisgah, but less refined) The same group that does the shenadoah 100 did a 100k race there earlier this year. Map is here.
  • In the same area is also hundreds of miles of forest service road and rural gravel. Here is a route I have ridden most of before. 40 miles does not sound like a long ride, but up there its some soul crushing climbs and lots of winding roads. Its in a figure 8 so you can stop at the subaru to re-supply since there are not alot (any) stores out there.
  • Pisgah : you can find all you ever wanted to know about riding in the mountain valleys here. You could spend weeks riding everything down there. I would devote at least 2 days to pisgah proper. If you really hate yourself (and I know you do!) you can follow the trail of the race formerly known as The Most Horrible Thing Ever
If there is anything I forgot or you want the 411 on just let me know. I expect the East TN crowd to chime too.

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Riding with dogs said...
an excellent source of trails in WNC, Tsali is a fine place to ride as well.