Friday, October 30, 2009

Last minute dinner parties

Lots of last minute conniving to bust out some quick dinner, paused, surveyed the kitchen and decided it was time to call in some troops to lay waste to some butternut Squash soup with Ravioli. Two phone calls later there is a dinner party happening. I have a tendency to let things get out of control

On the other side of the food front........
The Review of 4 Olives
I generally keep my mouth shut when something sucks, I have worked in the fine dining industry and I understand that things happen. Plates get dropped, orders do not get fired, things happen. But, when the service staff is apathetic I will never return there. Waiting 10 minutes between courses of dinner is acceptable in my mind, however having to wait 50 minutes between courses is not acceptable.
I will make no qualms about the food. The duck was very good, and Ali liked her salmon. However, we were most of the way through our entree before our wine ever came out.
The wine list is extensive, overpriced, and the house reccomendations are marginal. Meh.
I am a service oriented person and have very high expectations. I could have built a set of new cross wheels with what that meal cost me. Restaurateurs need to recognize that people come to a fine dining establishment with certain expectations, and if those expectations are not met, then no matter how good the food and wine is it will not get the bitter taste out of a customers mouth.
I should have saved myself the grief and gone where I knew the service would be exceptional, the wine list just as expansive, and the food is exceptional.
I have never been disappointed by a Noah Reagan experience.

On the low brow front, I can't really come up with much positive to say about Buffalo Wild Wings in Manhattan. Ordered the lunch special, and still had to wait 45 minutes to get it and they were not even slammed! Seriously, its chicken wings and French Fries........throw them in the fryer. maybe 5 minutes. Its not exactly haute cuisine.

I am flying into Pittsburgh, PA later this weekend for the annual tri-societies meeting. Lots of geeking out to the tune of soil carbon, soil hydrology, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency
I also have to try to retain my title as the fastest agronomist at the 5-k running race. Might have to hamstring those skinny little geologists before the race.


Josh said...

We'll miss you at tonight's Halloween party. Who will we cover in leaves whilst passed-out!?

Joshua Stamper said...

Andrew Slater, of course!

Andrew Slater said...

#1 Cool it, you are in the midwest. There is noone in the kitchen screaming "feed the bitch!" They are more worried about the frat party after their shift is pulled.

#2 Thanks for proving yourself once again for being in the circle of kids that I like to call my friends.

Paul said...

#1 BBW definitely does not have the best or speediest kitchen, however, you have to realize they are used to serving completely drunk, likely unconscious army and college kids, who are most likely too incoherent to realize its been 40 minutes to get wings. Plus, you aren't exactly paying for high class anything at 40 cents a wing.

#2 BBW sucks, but there is at least one stellar server there. BBW is near and dear to my heart since it pays most of our bills.

#3 4 Olives wine list is ridiculously over priced. However, it is one of my wife's favorite venues. Food is always good, service is always marginal. I've never had that bad of experience, but for the price your paying, i would certainly be pissed.