Sunday, January 31, 2010

You cannot live by bread alone

Heres the equation:
Homemade sourdough (warm) + Vegemite= The good life.
I can die now.


Brad said...

I can hang with the hippies on most types of food, but I draw the line at Vegemite. Blah! That is some bad stuff.

RD said...

where did you you get vegemite?
you ever had dulce del leche

Joshua Stamper said...

There is a specialty store in KC called Better Cheddar that carries it, but it will be the most expensive condiment in your cupboard, or I have it mailed to me from my compatriots in SA. Its not cheap either way. Back in NC we could get Marmite, which was the next best thing.
Dulce is the bomb!