Friday, March 5, 2010

big iron and diesel fuel

Contrary to some of your previous suppositions, that is all that matters.......

We got our new 6 row Kinze planter delivered.

It is a Hydraulic ground drive (meaning I do not have to fool with drive chains if I have to road the equipment somewhere) just raise it up and take off!

The other thing that we retrofitted was hyd. spin out motor. This way when we get to the end of the plot area and I still have seed left in the bins I can clean it out with the flip of a switch.

One of the nice things about the new Kinze equipment is that they have very user friendly monitor interface.

Just because I know my readership loves a little bit of tractor porn I will include some green paint for your viewing pleasure plus the the smallest cab tractor in the world (which ironically I am not heavy enough to operate......due to a faulty sensor in the seat).

Things are looking up! warmer weather has seen our temps get into the 40's.
Two ton Tanner and lil Meener are rollin into the 'Loo tonite. Its her al-ness's birfday and we are gonna get all kinds of crazy. Gonna go to the Zoo (to see John Wallers people) then some old town sauntering, dinner, and then I intend to make the sickest brunch on sunday......seriously if your in this time zone and you are not on Big Al's poop list (you hear me John Waller!) you should be there (shrimps and grits, banana mocha muffins, fruit salad, eggs Benedict, mimosa's, coffee.)
On the other food fronts I have recently been trying to get the roaring gap Macaroon perfected. Macaroons mean a lot of different things to different people (al thinks it is a coconut and chocolate abomination), but if you have ever been to jupiter island or roaring gap you would have had one of Chucks macaroons and you life will have been forever changed. These macaroons are mostly almond based.......still figuring out the details but I will get it right. stand by for awesomeness.

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