Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sorry about the previous post

It was just too good not to share with the world.
Lots of good intentions went out the window this weekend, but some good deeds got done. Was planning the head down to the PCL soiree with Rafal, but the swampy roads meant that it was gonna be road endeavor. Please do not misinterpret this next statement.

I care little for road riding. Ok you can interpret that anyway you want.
So rather than kill a whole saturday I decided to stay close to home which worked out well. Friday night I got a call from a college friend that bought a house in west omaha so I spent sat morning moving him and his wife about 2 kilometers down the road. Good deed...done.

Saturday afternoon I went on a long ride.
Now some people gauge rides very differently. some rides are measured by the fun factor, fitness gained, watt output, the number of farm dogs that gave chase, etc, etc.
I tend to gauge rides by 2 things (which I will delve deeper into later this week)
  1. How long it takes me to acquire debilitating leg cramps (and it has nothing to do with my level of hydration).
  2. How much character is built during the ride.
After 5 hours of fear and loathing in the loess (pronounced 'Luss') hills I had garnered enough character to make a sandwich out of and some pretty screaming cramps too.
I tried to stick to paved county roads, but ended up on about 30 miles of wet nasty gravel and 50 on pavement when it was all said and done. Thankfully I limped home with the wind at my back.


RD said...

hey now road is the only ridable surface right now so I do what I can

Cornbread said...

Ahhh....Loess Hills. I heard those are sweet. Sounds like you had a good ride. Looking forward to riding with ya someday soon.