Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Like the Jolly Roger

This past weekend saw the arrival of two ton Tanner and lil 'meener for the weekend. I actually went out of my way to take lots of pictures of our shenaigans, but accidentally reformatted my SD card in my work laptop (fail).
Tanner has been flexing his Solid Works muscles and took a jpeg version of the goat on our kits, and put it into SW, and then used the SW file to make CNC vinyl cut outs.

Like the Jolly Roger, but more badass.

He made frame sized decals and a full sized (4*6ish?) Very high quality. 3 cheers for two ton!

I did manage to salvage one image.....lil meener chilling with the primates.
Heading to Lincoln for some dirt road this weekend. Hitting the PCL on Saturday and then the Panama Enduro on Sunday. looks to be good times.
On the other end of the spectrum looks like I am going to be selling a bike.......namely the IRO that I "dirt road" to a DK 200 SS win in 2008. lemme know if you are interested.

It might not look like much, but its got it where it counts.
Slack angles
american classic hubs laced to Stans ZTR 355 with DT aerolite bladed spokes
Truvativ Carbon Roleur Cranks
Salsa Bell Lap bars (double wrapped)


Josh said...

Those stickers are great!

Brad said...

Can you send a decal or two out to the east coast. I like em'. I'm sure I could dig 50 cents out of Bo's piggy bank to cover shipping.