Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sun also Shines

Well hump, although it is snowing right now, 24 hours ago it was 63 degrees and sunny. 48 hours ago it was sunny and 58 degrees.
What do these two events have in common?
There was a lot of bike riding to be had in that time period. To be real honest I have been getting sick of getting up at 05:30 to get a trot in every morning so I could get some exercise, and was stoked to have enough daylight and warm temps to actually ride in jersey.
Wed evening Ali and I went tandem cruising up towards Arlington on gravel.

This section of road off of 216 is one of my favorites. Lined with oaks and hedge for like a mile. Its like the old country.

Looking over the field where the first manned airplane flight in NE occurred way back in the day.

B-nasty got to frolic in the waning hours of sunlight.
Then Yesterday I got the text from Rafal alerting me that things were dry at Tranq.
Sweet action! lets go mountainous cycling.
All of the below pics are from Paul's (aptly named) marchgladness picasa album

Rafal leading us up the climb on the south side of the park.

I have to tip my hat to whomever laid out these trails, as they have used all the terrain and incorporated a lot to extended climbing and descending. I also loved the flow. One of the things that I noticed in KS was the lack of consistent flow in many of the trail systems, but this trail just let you rail through the corners and open it up on the descents. So much fun.

The first lap was some fun paceline riding watching the lines that others took. The 2nd lap consisted of giving chase to EB (who rode away from me on a ungodly monstrous SS gearing).
Word on the street is that every Monday there is a ride here! Its 12 miles from my house so I think if I ride straight from work I will have plenty of time to get there. There is also a bike shop right next door.
I am really looking forward to this spring!

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