Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmhouse Classic

Ok I lied last time we spoke. I totally left my camera sitting on my desk, so all pictures were jacked from Cornbreads blog. I suck, I know.
Errrrrm. back to the matter at hand.

Joe Fox is awesome. He puts on a awesome race. He has awesome food at said race. He has awesome temperatures for said race.

We had about 30 folks show up, and rolled out around 0915. within 5 miles the pack was split up as Troy, Corey, Matt (from NE), Peter, Waller, Jim Fobben, Joe, MG and a few others pulled off the front. Big Al was busting out the metric with a few other folks and was out for a good time on her first ever Gravel event. GO AL!

We were lightly dusted by a crop duster as he was putting on a late application of fungicide. It was kind of funny, a few folks were kind of worried, asking "what is that acrid smell?"
I explained that smell was the aviation fuel emissions, not anything to worry about.
Myself, Jim, and a Mtn biker from KC fell off the pace around mile 18, and took a more leisurely pace, enjoying the weather and shooting the bull, until we rolled into the first aid station.
After some refreshments, Jim and I continued rolling north. We had a few navigational errors, but thanks to Jims stellar abilty to think about north south east and west, in terms of left and rights, we made or way back south.
If you have ever driven through MO on the interstate you will realize that their road surfaces suck. Well all that money that should resurface the Interstate goes to putting gravel on their country roads. Hands down the deepest gravel I have ever ridden in....or slogged through.

And some sick nasty MMR!

Jim was definitely wonderful company and a great guy to ride with. I enjoyed his encouragement and conversation immensely.

The speed demons (Corey Godfrey, Matt, Peter K, Troy, and John Waller) all rolled in about a hour and a half ahead of Jim and I. They all appeared well fed and watered by the time we got in.

Cody, Randy, Mike, and a few others that I did not get to make acquintances with rolled in not long after us, and were all smiles.
The Food.......oh the food. Derek was working the smoker all morning to turn out some phenomenal vittles. The table fare included pork BBQ, wings, pasta salad, sweet corn (fresh from Manhattan, KS), berry cobblers, cake and cookies.
Big shout out to the Fox family for making this happen, it was a wonderful time. Many thanks!

It was good times all around , even Brutus made some new friends (MG, I am sorry if he ate anything off your plate or drank your beer)
For more pics check out Cornbreads blog and if that ne'er-do-well John Waller gets me some pics we will get those up on the BGR site.
On a side note: fellow Bad Goat Aaron Apel finished 5th out at Breck this weekend!

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Cornbread said...

Great seeing you and Al this weekend. Thanks for the heads up on the crop duster. That would have bugged me all day. :)