Monday, March 7, 2011


Yesterday Jasper, Ali, Brut-nasty and I went traipsing about.

Then last night I managed to slip away for a few hours to do some snow biking at Theo Wirth park on the west side of St. Paul. I had been biding my time waiting for things to firm up, and sent out a message on the MORC board enquiring as to whether or not the trails could be ridden on skinnies (2.2's).

I met up with another rider at the parking lot and followed him out to the trail sections that were really packed down. He expressed his dismay at how rutted it was. And it was not skinny ruts, these puppies could swallow up a 3.8 Daryll. Plus the ruts were usually going into and coming out of corners. It looked like someone was out there wailing in the soft snow with a YZ 250. The parts that were firm were absolutely awesome, but the SS made it tough to recover when you got off the line or really needed to apply torque.

It was good to get out of the house, and a snow bike is definitely going to have to be worked into the budget next year.

There is another YMCA about 10 blocks from where I work so about once a week I hit the spin class over my lunch hour. It is a markedly different demographic than the previous spin classes that I had been too. The classes are packed, and the instructor is female, mid 40's with a Jamie Lee Curtis haircut, and stares right at you, while singing along to "Hungry Eyes".

So creepy.

Anyhow, its Ali's birfday so I am gonna go make her some dinner.

Store bought cake. Don't judge me.

Making wishes

Rewarding Brutus with direct eye contact

I had a plastic bottle cages snap off on me with this wicked jagged edge. I am pretty sure that this is a bontrager bat cage. I have several of these on mtn bikes since they never launch bottles and are super sturdy, but this was sort of unsettling.

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Jastamper said...

Hungry Eyes...what a great song. Reminds me of a quote I once heard from a very wise man: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."