Saturday, March 12, 2011

So I think that the spin instructor is reading this blog, because yesterday she was cranking the techno/trance music and took everyone to a session in the pain cave. It is really interesting to attend these classes from the perspective of a racer. On a bike you try to be as efficient as possible, and most racers learn proper form very early. Not the case in spin class. It wasn't until I looked in the mirrors to my left, that I realized how inefficiently these alot of the folks were at pedaling. I actually find it rather painful to watch people in the spin classes. knees wobbling, cadences of 45 rpms, death grips on the bars, hunched shoulders, butts bouncing, and lots of squares being pedaled. I really struggle not to help people improve their experience, but I refrain. I don't want to be that guy.

It irritates me sometimes when instructors tell you you to go from 40% to 60% to 80% then tell you to sit down and increase your cadence without reducing the resistance. Plus the ability to adjust resistance with these bikes is pretty crude. Then again I may not be smart enough to follow the instructions.

I have heard of people getting into racing shape by riding the trainer all spring. I always thought that the monotany of it would be too much for me, but given the oppressive nature of MN winter I will start my 2-a-day spin class regimen. This could get ugly.

Work has been pretty interesting , which is really nice. I was starting to wonder if I would ever have a job that I did not hate. I find working downtown a source of constant amusement. Some segment of every population is going to be considered weird, and when you have really high population density (like downtown) you have more weird people. I wish I had a decent camera phone so that I could actually capture some of the spectacular specimens that I encounter everyday. I could devote a post a week to riding the bus.

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RD said...

pedaling squares on fix gear that actually requires effort :D... I hope to see you at spring valley. I though that's the magical place were ranch dressing is made? anywho toodles