Monday, March 14, 2011

Lebanon Hills snow bike

Well I can honestly say that I got in one really solid day of snow biking in MN this year. I made the trip down to Lebanon hills with the SS. The MORC guys at Leb figured out how to consistently pack trails without having to cajole a bunch of desperate bike wives to use snowshoes . Check it out.

They got a snow scoot (essentially a kiddy snowmobile), that is narrower and more agile, to pack the trails at night. Brilliant! With minimal effort you get a solid surface that even regular MTB's can roll on. But, now it looks like winter is over, and the snow pack will be gone in 10 days. Its supposed to be 50 degrees all week.

Meh, that just means that it will be muddy for a month.

My first day of "two a day" spin classes went ok. I had a new instructor at the 2nd class. Very loud, very charismatic, and very annoying, but she definitely had the best class that I have been too. She used the whole hour, and had a well defined workout, that matched her music. Not that the music could drown her voice out. Another thing was that she was not afraid o call you out. If she thinks that you are being a pansy, she will call you out.

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