Sunday, March 27, 2011


So for 5 weeks I have had access to TV, and not only regular tv, but cable TV. I have not owned or really even watched TV since 2004. It makes things a little challenging, and I often miss out on pop culture references and when important things happen. I was working as a guide in NC in 2005, and did not know the extent of the hurricane katrina damage until gas prices skyrocketed. If I needed to see something, I could usually got to a restruant or a bar to watch it.
I have really been floored at the absolute plethora of crap that is on TV. No wonder people are stupid. There were a few things that I found humorous, but for the most part I just felt dumber for having sat in front of it.
I was just blown away by how mind less most of the programming was. The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills? Jersey Shore. I thought the The Real World back in the late 90's was pretty dumb, but at least they had jobs and did something constructive. Then there was crap like Hoarders and Man vs Food. Only in America could a show about trying to eat 8 lbs of hamburgers make on prime time. A Lot of the stuff that he was choking down even appeared appetizing, until they brought it out in a bucket. However, I will admit that it is easy to sit down in front of the tube and just be mindless.
I will not miss it when its gone (and I get my geared bikes and books back out of storage).


The Life of Brian & Family said...

So true

Claire Hilary said...

Holmes Inspection on HGTV is actually pretty interesting and informative. Rich like Loony Tunes and the history and travel channels.
Thats about the extent to our tv-watchin'.

Agreed however, there is a bunch of terrible, not to mention pointless, shows out there.