Thursday, August 14, 2008

So after our swim fest at redfish Lake and a restful night of sleep on decker Flats We decided to try our hand on the infamous slopes of Casino Creek. Casino Creek loop os described as "truly hardcore mountain biking" in the trail descriptions. and they were not kidding. We hiked a bike for about 4 miles of the 9 mile climb to the top of little Casino, and planned to descend down Big Casino. Well about 300 yards before we would have crested and made the turn to start descending it really started to thunder and lightning. We had not brought any rain gear and the temp dropped to 50 degrees in about 25 minutes. So we made the decision to turn around and start descending. Well big Al opened it up on the descent, and her front wheel washed out in some scree and took a big spill, cracking her helmet and sustaining some nasty abrasions.
So we ended up huddled on the low side of a brush pile waiting for the storm to blow over.
It was really "hard core".

This was the parking lot an hour after the storm. Sunny and 75 degrees. The weather is really crazy our there. Alison was not smiling a few minuts later when I took the soapy water to her abrasions.

Later that night after I ate 20 dollars worth of cheeseburgers at the Bridge St. Tavern in Stanley it started to rain again and continued to rain for 18 hours. I really like the aspect the that I can attach a tarp to the back of the truck rack and cook B-fast when its raining. We decided to pack it up and head to Driggs, ID to meet with Kaylan and Courtney Sisco.

Kaylan (the one that looks like Jesus) and I worked as guides for the adveture tripping company Cheerio Adventures. Kaylans wife now works for NOLS at the Teton Valley branch. We visit them every year when we travel to points west. Last year it was in Buelah, CO on our way back from CB, CO. Kaylan is the worlds biggest dirtbag, but he is a phenomenal climber.

Al and I were quite enchanted with the idea of having a yurt (staff housing at NOLS)

We were in the weststern side of the grand tetons (you can see the ta-ta's in the background) in driggs.

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