Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your mom goes to college! right. Big Al is back to school pounding out the prereq's for her to get a 2nd BS degree, this time in Nursing!

Saturday morning we drove to Glen Elder, KS to preride the cruise the blues course. It seems like every time we visit out there its sunny and 75 degrees. We stopped and talked to Doug and Tracy Palen, and they are looking forward to everybody showing up next weekend! Should be a blast. We were really surprised that no one else was there for the preride. I mean its only twice a year that they open things up to the public.

After leaving the Palen farm we drove up to Waconda lake and I had a quick swim to rinse off the funk from riding. You can see that there was a pretty big storm building behind us. We also went over to Cawker city to see the giant ball of twine, and have our pictures taken by a couple of extremely intoxicated individuals that were arguing over whether you could set the ball on fire. I suggested using kerosene. Alison quickly suggested that we leave.

As you can see in the picture above the previous sealant recipe that I used did a poor job of sealing punctures. So when we got home I let the old sealant drain out through the numerous puncture holes and mixed up a new batch using Slime in addition to latex mold builder and also scrapped the glitter....that was a pretty dumb idea to start with. The new stuff definitely sealed the punctures up much better than the previous recipe. Anyhow School starts tomorrow so I have to start getting my A+ game together. On a side note, I also found out that my brother and his bonny lass are getting flown out to Twin Falls, ID as the prospective youth minister for the FBC there. If that all comes together I may have to think about ID a lot harder as a possible relocation spot. hhhmmmmhhh.

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Very nice stumpy...very nice.