Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This was a picture of Big Al shredding it from Adams Gulch in Ketchum. It really reminded me of TR 401 in Crested Butte as there was lots of exposed slope riding. A must do if your in Ketchum.

After leaving ketchum we headed North towards Stanley. After coming down Galena Pass we decided to camp on Decker Flats Rd. Its right on the head waters of the salmon river. This is BLM land, and BLM ground is always available open for camping. I don't believe in paying to use campgrounds that consist of a pit toilets and grouchy campground host in a 40 ft RV that just wants your money. We only stayed in one campground that we had to pay for, and that was a private one in Twin Falls with a mineral Hotsprings.

The next Morning we got up and rode across the street to ride the Fisher Creek Loop. Its a 8 mile gravel road climb up to a pass and then about 11 miles of descending through an area that was severely burned the previous year. I am sure that Hershey could tell you the name of these flowers.

The Fisher Creek loop was Alison's favorite ride of the entire trip. lots of smooth fast singletrack.

We finished the day by driving ten miles North to Redfish Lake for a bathing and grooming experience. When your livin in the truck you need to jump in a creek and rinse off at least once every other day to control the funk. Redfish is a natural alpine lake that is open for boating and RV camping (ie. lots of rich people so we got some pretty sketchy looks).

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