Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To be continued

Our first stop was in Twin Falls , ID where I spent the mornining talking to the folks at JR Simplot about the role that they play in crop production in the Magic Valley region.

Alison spent the morning tooling around the gorge and checking out the town. Looks like there is plenty of paddling in this region.

This was our first top in Ketchum, ID about 70 miles north of twin falls. Most of the riding here was gulch riding. Meaning you had to ride up a gulch to a saddle then begin a descent. So you were either going up or down. I really wanted gears by the end of the trip.

Since we were living in the back of the truck the whole time we had to jump on every opportunity to wash our stuff out. Luckily it is incredibly dry in this part of the country.
How Dry you might ask?
Southern Idaho get about 8 inches of rainfall per year. Kansas City gets over 35 inches per year.

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