Monday, February 9, 2009

Carolina dreaming

Saw that the NE TN MTB crowd was riding Overmountain Victory Trail this past weekend.
Greg and Allen had some pretty sweet video
Alans video of OVT is here, and he has some pretty cool perspective with the seat post mount
Gregs is here, and he is rocking the fork mounted video.
Wilkesboro and Kerr Scott Lake is the New Tsali of mountainous bike cycling, if you have not been there you should definitely go. The folks with Brushy Mtn Cycling club put in a ton of work in them there hills.
Makes me miss home immensely. Last night I put the pen to paper and plotted and planned for this next year.
Al and I have traveled out west the last few summers, and have not been home in a coons age. So if fuel stays low, I think we may try to get home in August.
That way I can act like a fool for a day
That is if our parents love us enough to give us some gas money. hint hint wink, wink!
Last year Mom tried to bribe us into coming home by paying fuel and entry into the race of my choice as long as it was close to NC/TN, and like a moron I went to ID instead.


Alan said...

Thanks for the plug!!!

Joshua Stamper said...

No worries, keep the cameras rolling!