Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fueling the fire

I am told that a picture is worth a thousand words......

You could write a book with this one....the bottle is full of chocolate milk.

Mark Smelser is responsible for this explosion of red bike and flavor. Apperently Mark used the Chef as his fuel of choice to win a National Div. 1 Collegiate Criterium Title in 2006.

The road goes on forever. This is old K18 which traverses to Alma and MacFarland on the South side of I70.

Tanner and Zack behaving childishly

Yes ,Tanner has his finger in his nose.
We crushed about 60 miles of gravel on Friday given the warm(er) weather.
That white spot in the center is a Bald eagle who did not care for the cut of my jib when I tried to get in for a closer look. I suck at capturing nature.
Saturday I drove to Clinton Lake hoping to catch up with the Locke and the Kings of Cowtown, but got there a little late. So I slapped on the Tomicog and commenced to lay down some frozen fixed gear fjear for about 3 hours. My legs were done. Afterwards I was treated to to Biscuits and gravy by Patterson and his bonny lass in Larry-ville.

Then Last night we had a pizza making party with Tom and Lexi. The above is a butternut squash sauce with Prosciutto, Call Hall bacon, onions, and lotza Motzza! the saltiness from the cured meats complimented the slight sweetness of the Butternut really well. We are gonna have to do this again. Lots of food, fellowship and fun.

I made a Veggie pie with maters, onions, and cilantro and lemon juice.

On other news, ordered a new Chainring from Tomi as my old Aluminum one is pretty well beat. Gonna see how a 34 tooth treats me. Stay tuned.


Riding with dogs said...

Some good looking pies there, I might have to try those topping combos in my kitchen. What crust do you use homeade or store bought?

Joshua Stamper said...

The dough home made but really easy and fast. I will post a picture of the crust recipe as my next blog entry. Along with some guidelines for sauce-less pizza