Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another week

Just got back to the house, Me and Brute-nasty rolled out to the River trails for some night riding. It was really warm, and we both had a grand time. Thats a 2-a-day for both of us, as we both got our run on at 6am this morning. Big Al is working late, and I am killing time till she gets home. Just turned on some Cake (Fashion Nugget) to jam to.
Thats better.....gotta make some spring rolls for dinner. Think I will make a few with a pork and kim-chee filling just to keep things crazy.
Weather is sposed to hold through Sat. Saturday her Al-ness has to go to continuing Ed in Topeka. That means I get to ride my mountainous bike-cycle all day. sweet!
As of tomorrow Al will no longer be with Gaia, rather she has decided to go it alone.
Lotus Health Works is her new business
Ok thats all I got.

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