Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emporia XC Race

Lelan gave me a heads up on this event that they are putting on down in Emporia. There has definitely been less XC with the Heartland hiatus, and folks down in Emporia aim to rectify that.
I have still yet to understand why XC races here in the midwest start at noon, especially given that they are racing in the hottest time of the year. Plus that just means that those of us that do not live in KC (I hate being a minority) have to devote an entire day to an event. The upside is that I do not have to get up and start traveling at the crack of dawn.
Meh. its a toss up, that is the downside of not living close to where the races are held.
It is great that they are gonna be showcasing some trails that the rest of us would not normally see.
Looks like good times.

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