Monday, June 1, 2009


I thought that the world should experience this. you will laugh until you cry.
In other news I am off to DC in the morning and am gonna try not to suck at life in this interview.
Otherwise that $400 suit will have been for naught.
Mike Marchand won the DK 200 by mostly just being a machine. I saw him dominate at Cruise the Blues last year(read: I got dominated). He really is not phased by heat at all. Cornbread and Troy rounded out the top three. Joe Fox and Peter Krause rolled in later to make up the top 5. This was Peters first DK and he JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! I do not think he came even vote. Peter, you will have to use a stick to keep the Coeds at bay when they find out about your gravel road staying power.
Peter and several other folks definitely took a much smarter slow and steady approach to this race. Very smart tactic. But, then again Peter is a smart kid.......not like these morons

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