Sunday, June 14, 2009

I did not know that a honda could do that

Thats what folks were muttering as we brought the party to Lake Wilson. John Waller brought a jet ski so we could diversify our recreational opportunities in the heat of the day.

Packed and ready to roll.

Were Bad Goats go when they lie.

When we were riding we scooped out some really sweet canyons that looked narrow enough to stretch a slack line across. We needed about 10 feet more line to have been able to get the line really tight enough.

Once you got to the center of the line you got your feet a little wet.

John Waller hates wet feet

Late Saturday night the ranger at Wilson came in to tell us that there was going to be a really big storm with high winds and large hail coming in so we exercised prudent judgment and made a hasty retreat back to manhappenin. This morning we hit the river trails for a couple hours

John needed some coaching on how to roll one of the skinnies

Big Al was like, "focus".

John focusing.

Eyes on the prize.
We then proceeded to recreate on the mighty Kansas River.

The river has been up and with the sandy bottom its a great place to take a jetski, and a really easy place to learn to knee boardsince the surface is so flat and glassy

We also just played around with the jetski.

We also would play the game were Waller would fling a frisbee and I would try to chase it down over open water. Great fun!

We just could not get John out of the water. Good times Kansas River style.


LeLan Dains said...

Hey man,
I was hoping you could do a quick post about the race we are doing on July 19th. All info can be found at Thanks!


John said...

I'm sure you've seen this, but if not...

...nice life jacket..queer :)

Joshua Stamper said...

Way to leave the life jackets in topeka.....homophobe.
I would love to participate in this event, but given the costs and my current locale it is not deemed feasible