Friday, June 19, 2009

Penny Farthings and Tandem musings

We were talking about penny farthings the other night after a group ride.
then I saw this while cruisin the FFL

Riding a fixie is enough fun for me, thank you very much. Crit racing while riding a fixie 7 feet in the air......thats.......Australian.
On the upside I am currently looking into a box full of tandem bike cranks. I also have a excel spreadsheet with parts and QBP numbers ready to be turned in to Aaron at Big Poppi so we can make this tandem mountain bike happen. I still have not been able to find a fork for the mighty beast, cuz every punk kid on pinkbike thinks his beat up Marzocchi is the greatest thing since fullfaced helmets. I am really tempted just to snipe a few bids on fleabay and buy a Maverick DUC 32 but that woul blow my budget pretty quick once I factor in the cost of a new front wheel. stupid 24 mm thru axles. If any of yall want to unload a heavy duty fork for a 20mm thru axle let me know, I am in the market

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