Sunday, June 7, 2009

It surprisingly interesting what I can't tell you

That about sums up my job interview. Lots of really vague questions that have no "real" answers.
Landed in DC on Tuesday evening and met one of the other candidates, Hannah. We barely survived the drive to our corporate quarters with our driver. He drove a 15 passenger van like it was sports car through DC rush hour. Hannah and I ate at a Indian restaurant and swapped supositions about what our interview would entail, and traded cycling stories. She had served in the Peace Corps previously so I picked her brain about aid work.
After the interview I wandered about DC, and then caught the MARC train to Aberdeen, MD. My older brother Matt picked me up, and we went out for Crab Cakes. HHHMMMHHH
The next morning I met my dad and we went kayaking on the the Susquehana River, then we washed up and went to my cousin Kara's wedding rehearsal dinner.
Then the real treat of the trip was getting to order a bunch of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs
and eat them with my dad and brother, while Aunt Tracy regaled us with tales of the of the states attorney office and how they tried to institute a loaner handgun program in addition to the loaner cell phone program for abused women. Thugs and other ner-do-wells keep a healthy distance from Hartford County.
Then the next morning we went to Inner Harbor of Baltimore to see all the sights.

Pretty sure it is not that interesting

Gratuitous sub shot for Brad

I know I want a buzzard on the front of my boat!

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Chris said...

glad you didn't get mugged and beaten in the inner harbor ...