Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nebraska rambling

Her al-ness and I decided to make journey to Lincoln, NE to check out the single track of Wilderness park, only to be skunked by an inch of precip the night before. So we relegated ourselves to some Homestead rail trail time trialing, spinning 34-19. Felt like a hamster for ~30 miles.

We did have strong headwind so it was important to assume the mtb aero position

Al was not deterred by a lack of gnar.

In case you are not familiar with Amoeba Research and Development, they are our light sponsor for Bad Goat Racing. Pretty sweet stuff.

Al representin BGR and looking snazzy as we make the turn to get the wind at our backs

Ahoy Lincoln!

We had a great time just shooting the bull and enjoying each others company. Lincoln definitely has a great cycling scene as we saw lots of people out enjoying the great weather.

Next we headed south to drop off the Gravel Conspiracy kegs at Spilker Ales in Cortland, NE.
Sam Spilker was hosting a open house and we were able to get a tour. He runs a great institution and produces some spectacular dry hopped Ale!
Off to take Brutus swimming and then a BBQ with friends!

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