Saturday, July 25, 2009


I make no qualms about the fact that I love and hate USAC They are the recognized organization that sanctions US cycling. I am torn between buying a year license or just sticking with using one day licenses.
For me its not so much about the money.
I had a bad head injury a couple years ago and the USAC insurance picked up a large portion of a $32,000 hospital bill that my health insurance company denied since I was playing a "sport". Hence my great distrust of health insurance companies, and my great distress over the concept of mandatory health insurance as dictated by government. But that's another story.
My most recent disgust with USAC is over the fact that if you are chosen to represent the USA in world championships (Not this world championship) they provide no financial assistance for travel and make you buy your own USA jersey (that does not carry your current sponsors).
I am not amused by this.
It just seems unfair to athletes that lead a monk-like existence, to travel and race every weekend and climb to the top of the heap get sent off to Europe with, but a pat on the back, as I understand it.
In my mind USAC is selling insurance, not representing cyclists.
Sort of like how Farm Bureau's primary function is as insurance Co. anyone that knows anything about Agriculture knows that Farm bureau stopped primarily representing farmers a long time ago. Yes, they are a lobbying group, but have a separate agenda that is underwritten by the insurance business.

I would like to say that I would limit the number of USAC events that I do, but all CX events are USAC sanctioned. This whole business make me appreciate people that put on grassroots cycling events like CtB, PCL, heck of the north, FH Classic, and TMHTE.

That does not mean I will not participate in nationally recognized events like NUE or CX Nats, cuz I have and will continue to participate. Rather, I want to support small events where its about fellowship and good times, not about cat-ing up, sandbagging, 1,800 dollar wheel sets, and feed zone antics. Yeah, lets go fast and race, but lets put growing the sport as a primary objective.

So I will stick to one day licenses for events like tomorrows sunflower games.

I also kicked around the idea with another grass roots promoter over over a bottle of wine and brisket of a big "organized" "fun" running event. It would be in this type of format in Manhattan. Asumming I can get the aggieville mob on board. Sweet victory will be guaranteed.

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