Thursday, July 9, 2009

photo dump and other shenanigans

Lets face it. Brutus love to run. However his ability to party on long runs in the heat of the summer is pretty limited. So when Tyler let me borrow his trailer for the Gentlemens Race I thought I would see how B-Nasty liked mooching rides yesterday evening. Its hard to teach a concept to animals that do not have the ability to reason. I felt like a moron trying to get him to stay on the trailer so I finally just clipped him in so he could get the idea. after a couple of miles I unclipped him and he would ride on the trailer surf board style.

We got all of our wheat cut last week. My dad wanted to see what we used to harvest our small plots. Duh, a small combine.

Some perspective on size

Western KS wheat harvest

You never know what you will find in a wheat field. There were 7 rattles on the non-business end of this little fella, and you should have seen Ward getting the heck out of its way.

Its hot now. Dicky is getting pummeled out west.
The Kenda kids are on the way to Solivista in the USS Lamberson. Its also pretty funny read the stuff on their site because Jesus is on their team (not that Jesus)
We are racing for money here in Manhappenin on Saturday evening.
Thats all the news from camp Woah-is-me, where the wheat is short, the women are good looking, and the bird dogs are all above average.


Brad said...

Nice trailer ride! The open mouth and flapping ears say it all.

Bo is all out on his two wheeler now. I took him to the downhill course at ETSU to play on the pump track. It was more of a pedal and push track to him, but he did'nt get discouraged. We also crushed 5 miles of gravel road to try out some new riding shorts LaLa bought him for his birthday

Joshua Stamper said...

Sweet! Great to hear that Bo has been shredding it. Looking forward to seeing the little monsters next month. Its hard for me to believe that he is already 5! Has Ansley punched any hippies recently?

Riding with dogs said...

Nice pic of your dog on the trailer, I've been wanting to do the same but didn't think mine would stay onboard. Maybe I'll rethink my strategy

Joshua Stamper said...

You definitely have to tie them down for a few miles so they get the idea. it helps if they are hot and tired too! dogs are not reasoning animals, and all the logic in the world will have little effect on their decisions....which probably explains why they lick their butts