Sunday, July 12, 2009

River trail TT

Had a good turn out and everyone went home with some bills or a belly full of burrito thanks to Chipotle Also wanted to say thanks to Tom Park for rounding up our sponsors, and to Clint and Ryan for all the work that they did implementing the new sections of trail.
Heres how they finished.
  1. Tanner marshall 14.37
  2. Aaron Apel 15.07
  3. John "i am not a role model" Waller 15.13
  4. Tyler Whetstone 15.20 (fixie)
  5. Josh Patterson 15.21
  6. Josh Stamper 15.26
  7. Clint Mcallister 16.05
  8. Jay Schmitz 16.12
  9. Rich Shurtz 16.25
  10. Ryan Logan 18.28
  11. Will Breitkreutz 18.31
  12. Dustan Ridder 23.45
  13. Gillian Armstrong 24.08
Also wanted to express my profound thanks to our lovely time keepers and photographers, Claire, Mina, Zach D. (not so lovely) and Jaime.
We were able to meet some new folks, discuss the future of the river trails, and Clint announced the development of a new section "The Bum Thicket" that will begin in November.
I will get some pics up as soon as I get them.
We will probably have another event like this in the future. Stay on the up and up to all the latest dirt bag racing events at the gravel conspiracy


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