Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunflower State Games

We had a glorious time at this years Sunflower State Games Mountain bike race. We saw a better turn out this year than last and had a great time on the singletrack.
Patterson weaves a wonderful tale of treachery, deceit and barnyard deviance in his BGR Recap. I had a good day, was able to reel in a 2nd place in the u-29 expert category (after I got a bunch of crap at registration from the USAC official about racing expert on a one day license).
This year they actually age grouped the experts, which is something that they have not done before. Not that it really made a difference. John Waller was chasing Damian from Cowtown (who was absolutely killing it), I was chasing John. Turned out that they did not even do a overall, and age grouped the results.
The fact that SSG does not pay out probably hurts the registration numbers, but it was really awesome to see alot of juniors and beginners out there mixing it up in friendly competition.
Also got to see some friendly faces like that that of Dennis Grelk from Iowa who was out after racing the adventure race yesterday.
Chad Lamer did a great job putting this event on, and was talking about using this venue for a race in the fall.
Good times!

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