Saturday, January 9, 2010

fixie snow ride

Got a wild hair and decided to work the country roads north of the the 'Loo.

Drifts were wild looking

Rolled the fixie, although it was definitely under geared.

Temp was about 4F, but compared to the past week it was tropical.
Once I got home I realized how cold my toes really were.
I think I tolerate pain and discomfort pretty well, but the only time I have thought I was going to throw up I was in soo much pain, was treating my own frost bite two winters ago.
When I pulled off my cycling shoes after the ride this morning and stepped into the shower, I was in some pretty serious discomfort. I had worn really thick socks with my Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX boots. This restricted the circulation to my toes, and after about 2 hours of riding the toes on my right foot were clinking together like the ice cubes in your gin and tonic. I need to wear thinner socks or just harden up........



harden up? Dood 4 deg is pretty dang hard !!

Cornbread said...

How's the Nebraska gravel?

Joshua Stamper said...

@corey The nebraska gravel is frozen, I actually got on a road today where I never could tell if it was gravel or pavement, and I was on it for like 5 miles. The snow pack was that thick and consistent
@Scoob dude I have been starting to loose it. I had to get out of the house!

Cornbread said...

Dirty Kanza registration is open and I don't see your name on the list. What's up homey?! You're not going soft on us are ya. :)

brady said...

Hey Josh - nice meeting you today. Looking forward to seeing you around more. Welcome to Nebraska