Monday, January 11, 2010

40 miles of snow sketch and some answers

Holy nuts bloggophiles!
No I am not doing the Dirty Kanza this year. I have a policy (that I usually stick to) of not doing things that I cannot fully commit to. The new job will keep me very busy traveling and planting plots (May is our busiest time of the year), and I do not think that I can commit the 250 miles/week that I put in back in 2008. There is a good possibility that I will travel down to provide support to the Bad Goats. On the up side the PCL schedule is looking mighty fine.

Second, Had the opportunity to mush with the omahans (what do you call someone from omaha, omahatians?) through about 40 miles of snow pack south of town. Showed up almost late, and got razed about wearing a backpack, but all my bottle cages are in some unknown box in my garage since CX season. Finally got to puts some names with faces, from folks I had been in touch with via the interwebs. good ride with a friendly crowd. My riding over the last 4 months has solely consisted of 45 minute CX races and the hour and a half torture sessions with Himmler. I was hurting after trying to push the SS up those hills into the wind after about a hour. I also got to ride with rafal, a fellow SSer, who is gonna be doing his first DK 200 this year. Temp was about right, a nice 24F.
MOD and Brady also weave tales of deep drift deviance.
Off to Work!

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RD said...

Nice to meet you... Yes PCL does look good I will be there on march 13th for sure