Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It has come to pass......

........the stars have aligned, I finally have pedals for all our bikes.
I preface this by stating that we own 5 "half" bikes and one "full" bike (the mtn tandem).
Thats 7 sets of pedals, and since we got rid of the road bikes we only use Time ATAC type pedals.
I really dig the big platform and wider cleat spacing than the ever ubiquitous Crank Brother models. I have never had a problem getting clipped in ever in the muddiest CX races. Maybe its the wider spacing, the ample platform, or perhaps its just my stunning good looks that keep me clipped when I am getting amongst it in the mud and the crud. I realized how much I rely on pedals after getting smoked at the KC Sprints race in Lincoln this weekend. The ability to "pull" your pedals makes a huge difference in how you ride.
Regardless, you begin to realize the extent of your addiction when you have about XXX dollars tied up in pedals, and I am not even talking about the $300+ ultra breakable, uber lite, christened with the tears of virgin kittens, weight weenie porn, kind of pedals. We turn over Aliums(n=3) and the low end XS(n=4), but still these cost between $60 and 120.
There are drug habits that are more affordable than this..........but they are probably not as fun.
I think nothing of throwing down 120 dollars on a set of new CX tires, while the steel belting is showing through my truck tire, and I am contemplating trying to find a set of used tires so I can get to the races. I will moan about the cost of a $80 truck tires every 4 years, but not bat an eye about $120 running shoes every 400 miles.
Just some thoughts.


Riding with dogs said...

I hear ya brother, I hear ya

EB said...

Good meeting you at GreenStreet,looking forward to pedaling with ya.