Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pho is me

If white bread and mashed taters are your thing you are probably not gonna be digging this, but its is a easy recipe that can even keep Victor Charlie appeased.
Pho.....You will need to secure the following provisions as seen below.
Bean (mung) sprouts
Fresh Basil (I once caved to my inner dirt bag and used the dried basil.... and its not as good)
Lime wedges (this dish needs some acidity).
Chopped green onions (use 1/4 finely chopped yellow onion in a pinch.
Raw Flank Steak thinly sliced (its easiest to thinly cut red meat if its half frozen)

Get you some bahn pho (rice) noodles at you favorite asian market and place in boiling water until al dente and then drain.

put your aforementioned bean sprouts, green onion and basil, then layer on your cooked rice noodles in a bowl. Top with your flank steak. then squeeze a lime wedge over the bowl.

Now, I am sure that you are all getting squeamish at the thought of raw beef, so the next step is to ladle simmering beef broth over top of the veggies, noodle, and beef. this serves to lightly cook the beef. Now you can add in some Sriracha sauce to taste.

The "real" Paul Mitchell gave me this recipe idea.
Troy, I was also thinking of you when I posted this.......a great vegetablarian version (or at least non red meat) is to sub either raw tuna or (gasp!) tofu and use vegetable broth. I used the tuna and vege broth combination when we had some friends over from Cali, and its the bomb!

A note on broth:
Bullion cubes produce a salty, broth like substance, but should never be considered a sub for real broth. If I do not have the time to make broth and freeze it, I prefer either the canned or tetrapack of broth. I make a lot of chicken broth cuz it is relatively easy and I can do it in combination with boiling chicken breasts to make chicken salad as described here. Just throw in some chopped celery, onion, carrots, few peppercorns, salt and a bay leaf or 2 with you chicken breasts. Most great soups are based off of great broths or stock.
You can do this!


John said...

I LOVE me some red meat, but that shit sure is chewey

brady said...

That looks good. Mmmmm. Pho. Thanks for the recipe. I'll give it a go.

Where do you shop for your Asian groceries? We live midtown and shop at the Asian food store on 76th and Cass St. They changed owners over a year ago and the quality of produce has suffered. Still, they have a wide selection of rices and sauces that are often difficult to find elsewhere.

Since you like Vietnamese food, allow me to recommend the Saigon Restaurant. It's one of our favorites in Omaha. Family-owned by 1st gen Vietnamese, the food & service are very good. There isn't anything on the menu that I don't like. My favorite dish is the Grilled Onion Fish.

Joshua Stamper said...

I am actually not sure where a asian grocery store is on the west side of omaha.....I have only been here 10 days and have yet to really scope things out. I know that there has to be one with a town this big. Will definitely check out Saigon!

@Waller, you need to stop being a honkey and come visit us in the 'loo! just start driving north, you will get here.


What is that a cowboy's version of sushi? LOL, just giving you a hard time.

Looks interesting but Angie has coaxed me to a "NO" red meat diet for the last two years...

Joshua Stamper said...

@ scoob
Its funny I made a version of sushi with Vietnamese rare Beef (flank steak that is soaked in lime juice, jalapenos, salt and oyster sauce). We called it cowboy sushi and its the bomb!......if meat is your thing.