Friday, January 29, 2010

Tandem time

Given the warmer temps (dripping sarcasm) her Al-ness suggested we bust out some tandem time on Saturday morning. We are registered for the almanzo 100 in May on the Tandem so she had better get used to gazing at my backside.

Probably a jaunt up to Arlington on the "east rim roads" of the Elkhorn and platte valley. Gonna try to make it to the finals of the Skutt Wrestling tournament at 2 pm though. Have to see how good the wrestling is in NE. I am going to try to get my dad to come out for the NCAA national tournament in March since it will be here in omaha.
Greatest Show on Earth on Sunday evening.


Cornbread said...

Wicked! You'll both have a great time.

So good to have you both in Corn Country. Looking forward to riding with ya this year. We need you two on the tandem for the Ponca ride!

Greg said...

tandem. very nice, been wanting to try one of those

Joshua Stamper said...

You should get in touch with Alex Nutt. He runs the foremost mtb tandem business in the US and he is in your neck of the woods (N GA). just google mtb tandem. He can hook you up with a demo. If my wife and I ever get back to the dirty south we are planning to take it to Dahlongeha and ride the fools gold route. I really enjoyed it on a "half" bike last year.